Our Accountability

Trust Accomplishments

  • Only land trust dedicated to protecting the Capon and Lost Rivers Watershed
  • First West Virginia land trust to be accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission
  • Brought over $6 million dollars to the hands of local landowners to protect land
  • Permanently protected 14,000 acres (and counting!)
  • Recognized national leader in land protection for our use of a scientific GIS prioritization model to strategically protect the highest value conservation lands in hubs and corridors so wildlife and wild lands thrive. 

Core Values

At Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust, our commitment to land and people is grounded in the following core values:

1. Respect: We respect the character of our communities and the goals and histories of our landowner partners.

2. Integrity: With landowners, partners, and supporters, we build honest, trustworthy relationships and work collaboratively to find mutually beneficial solutions.

3. Conservation & Stewardship: We are driven by a profound responsibility to conserve forests, farms, streams, wildlife, and scenic landscapes for present and future generations.

4. Collaborative Leadership: We foster collaboration among partners to cultivate relationships, amplify non-dominant voices, and bring resources to the watershed.

5. Excellence

  • Science-Based Conservation: We rely on sound scientific principles and data to inform our land protection strategies, ensuring that our efforts have the most positive and lasting impact on the environment.
  • Adherence to Land Trust Alliance Standards: Maintaining Land Trust Alliance accreditation, we follow national standards in governance, financial responsibility and accountability, land transactions, and land stewardship.
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement: We are committed to continuous learning and improvement, regularly evaluating our programs and practices to enhance the effectiveness of our conservation initiatives.

6. Fiscal Responsibility: We responsibly manage the financial resources entrusted to us, ensuring every donation and contribution is used efficiently and effectively to advance our conservation mission.


The Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust was the first West Virginia-based land trust to receive national accreditation through Land Trust Accreditation Commission, a sister organization to the Land Trust Alliance.

In maintaining our accreditation, the Board and staff of the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust agree to uphold the public trust and maintain a strong, effective land conservation program with financial transparency. 

Every 5-7 years the Land Trust Accreditation Commission reviews the Trust’s governance, financial, land transaction, and land stewardship procedures and activities through an extensive audit process.

The accreditation renewal process ensures the Trust updates our procedures and continues to comply with updated national standards.

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