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Preserving Nature’s Legacy: The Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust

Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust (CLRLT) is a small but potent non-profit organization on a mission to protect and preserve the pristine beauty of the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed. With a commitment to ensuring healthy rivers, safeguarding lush forests and farms, and cherishing rural heritage, we strive to leave a lasting legacy for both present and future generations.

Championing a Cause that Transcends Size

Though modest in size, CLRLT’s impact is nothing short of extraordinary. We have protected 14,000 acres since our 1990 founding and was the first West Virginia-based land trust to achieve accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

Our dedication ripples beyond the borders of the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed, influencing water quality across communities from the Potomac River to the Chesapeake Bay.

This influence is achieved through meaningful partnerships with voluntary landowners and organizational partners. We have launched and continue to convene the Cacapon Watershed Collaborative (CWC), a diverse coalition of non-profit, public, and private entities. Together, we have embarked on a watershed-wide strategic planning process to identify common goals, establish objectives, and monitor progress for effective implementation.

The One and Only

Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust is the only homegrown organization exclusively dedicated to permanently protecting and preserving land in Cacapon and Lost River Valley. We have worked with local landowners for over 33 years to protect and preserve the natural resources, beauty and unique rural character of this watershed. Our work focuses on protecting ecologically important and economically beneficial areas through a network of natural land hubs and corridors.
Today 53 conservation easement agreements permanently protect the extensive conservation values of 14,000 acres in our watershed.

General photos provided courtesy of Tyler Evert.