Conservation Easement Projects

Conservation Easement Projects

The Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust is the only homegrown organization dedicated to protecting land in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Valley. For over 30 years, we have helped our Valley’s landowners protect the family lands, hunting grounds, forested mountains, tumbling streams, and family farms of our Valley. We strive to protect lands that are ecologically rich and that support our rural economy in a network of natural land hubs and corridors. The conservation easement is our primary tool.

Conservation easements protect land, securing the future of agriculture and forestry, providing for wildlife, and preserving the beauty of our landscape for generations to come. By choosing an easement agreement, landowners can ensure that their property’s natural values and scenic qualities will last for future generations. 

See our Easement Process page to explore how easements work and positively impact our communities.

GunBarrel Hunt Club

In 2023 the Land Trust and GunBarrel Valley Wild Life Preserve forged a partnership to protect 834 acres of vital hunting grounds in Hampshire County.

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