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Greetings from Executive Director- Jennifer Jones


It is with much gratitude that I greet you as the new Executive Director of the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust.  

The words “Land” and “Trust” will be my guiding stars.   As a Land Trust our job is to preserve as much of the natural land and heritage of the Cacapon River watershed as possible.   We can only do that we if have the trust of the landowners that live here and others who understand the urgency and importance of our work. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with landowners all over the country and just over the ridge in Virginia.  I’ve listened to them talk about their struggle to hold onto their land and engage the next generation. And, I’ve heard them talk about how their land defines their sense of place and their identity.

It’s a love for the land  — and all the challenges that come with it — that brings me here, to be in service to you, to earn your trust and to help conserve this unique and vital resource.  

The Cacapon watershed is one of the most ecologically-beneficial tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay because of its water quality, filtered clean by the forested landscapes that surround it and graced by a vast array of wildlife and plants.   This is a landscape held together by generations of farmers who keep this rural economy working and newcomers who want to contribute to the vitality of the Valley. There is much work we can do together to ensure this rural economy stays strong and the land we love protected.  

Most importantly, I want to thank all the landowners with the vision and commitment to conserve their land through conservation easements and to our donors who support our efforts.  The Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust is here because of you and our work can only continue with your support.



             Our Work                         motivates us!



We assist landowners and communities in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Watershed with maintaining healthy rivers, protecting forests and farmland, and preserving rural heritage for the enjoyment and well being of present and future generations.



  • Largest local land trust in the state of West Virginia,
  • 7th largest land trust in the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed,
  • Over $6 Million dollars of conservation easements have been put into the hands of local landowners
  • 1st West Virginia Land Trust to be accredited by LTA (Land Trust Alliance),
  • 53 Conservation Easements
  • 14,000+ acres permanently protected.

Natives Found on Properties this Summer

Grass Pinks Calapogon Orchid

Calapogn tuberosus

Kates Mountain Clover

Trifolium virginicum






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Every donation lets us know you care and motivates us to continue the important work here in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed.

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Listening to the Land

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With your support, this corner of West Virginia will continue to be a special place to live, work, and visit. Connect with us.