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New staff!

I'm excited to introduce you to our new Program Manager, Lisa Schauer. Lisa grew up on a farm in Berkeley Springs and recently returned to the area to "get back to my roots." She was 12 when she moved to West Virginia after her Dad decided to drop out of the business world in Washington DC (he was a chef and ran a wine and cheese store in Georgetown).

The Washington Post magazine wrote an article about the family moving to Berkeley Springs, with the headline, "Drop Out Farmer." He bought 350 acres and named it "Good Heart Farm." Lisa will tell you that, "If you put your fist in the soil, and it goes up to your wrist easily, they say your soil has a good heart. My Dad was really focused on improving the soil."

"Coming from DC, I just cried," Lisa remembers. "But my Dad said he would buy me a horse, and he ended up buying me four." Lisa learned at an early age about the power of community. Her family moved into the old farmhouse on the property and within a month the house burnt to the ground and they lost everything but the clothes on their backs. "The locals just kept coming, with boxes of clothes and food. They taught us how to survive," Lisa says with gratitude. Little did that 12-year old know that the adult Lisa would end up saying, "Growing up on the farm were the best times of my life. I loved it so much I got the nickname, Earth Cookie."

"Living the farm life, I understand how much work goes into it. Growing up in a rural area, gives me a passion for the work of the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust," Lisa says. "I understand why the work of the Trust is so important. We need to preserve this for future generations. When we are long gone, people will look back and be thankful there were others who had the foresight to protect this area. This is work that will actually last. I'm thrilled to be joining the team because this work matches up with what I really care about."

We're thrilled to have you on the team, Lisa!
Jennifer Jones
Executive Director


Correction! If you received the Summer print edition of our newsletter by mail, please note in "The River Was a Better Road," (page 2) the date in the first sentence should be 1966 , not 1996.

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Trust Accomplishments

  • Largest local land trust in the state of West Virginia

  • 7th largest land trust in the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed

  • Over $6 Million dollars of conservation easements have been put into the hands of local landowners

  • 1st West Virginia Land Trust to be accredited by LTA (Land Trust Alliance)

  • 53 Conservation Easements

  • 14,000+ acres permanently protected

Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust Receives Grant to Partner with Trout Unlimited!

We’re excited to share the good news that our efforts to permanently protect land and to continue to work with Trout Unlimited to improve habitat for native brook trout just received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation! Go here for more information on this important grant program.

Land Trust sets goal of 8,000 more protected acres

Jennifer Jones, Executive Director of the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust recently spoke to the Hampshire Review about our commitment to land protection in the Cacapon watershed.

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Interested in protecting your land?

Conservation easements are flexible tools that meet the needs of landowners and protect land forever. Working in partnership with landowners, the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust listens carefully and ensures the goals of landowners are supported and the conservation values of the land are protected. Conservation easements offer peace of mind and through donated easements, tax deduction benefits. For more information contact Jennifer at jennifer@cacapon.org.

Our Work Inspires Us!

We assist landowners and communities in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Watershed with maintaining healthy rivers, protecting forests and farmland, and preserving rural heritage for the enjoyment and well being of present and future generations.

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Your Generosity Motivates Us!

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Every donation motivates us to continue the important work of permanently protecting land and conserving natural resources in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed. With your support, this area of West Virginia will continue to be a special place to live, work and visit.

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