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It's All About Good Planning:
An update on ED Transition

There's a common need shared by every organization and business no matter how large or small. That need is effective succession planning. Without planning for the inevitable change of leadership, major companies fail, family-owned businesses break apart and family land is divided, converted and lost. As an accredited land trust, we are bound to protect the lands that owners have trusted us to protect forever. So planning ahead is fundamental to us.  

That's why I was determined to ensure that the next Executive Director of the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust was set up for success. Working together with our dedicated Board and our advisors, the stage is set for Emily Warner, our next Executive Director. We've charted an organizational strategy and during the last month, we've worked with Emily to ensure a smooth transition and inspiring lift off.

Of course, it's not easy to plan for your own departure, to give up something you love, whether it's running a land trust or running the family farm. It's why so many landowners and business leaders don't do what's necessary.  Yet, the best way to protect the progress you've made and the successes you've had is to plan well for the one who will replace you.

And with Emily, it's been pretty easy! Emily grew up in the Cacapon watershed and learned the rather complex business of land protection through her work for the Hampshire County Farm Protection Board, The Nature Conservancy, and most recently as Senior Director of Land Conservation with the Potomac Conservancy. She knows how to protect land with the skill and spirit that it takes to get the job done. We're all thrilled she's taking over the reins, and I'll rest easier in retirement knowing that the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust is in good hands. Welcome Emily!

I want to thank all the landowners who allowed me the privilege of walking your land and working together to protect what you love most about the Cacapon watershed. It's been an honor. And I leave with the hope that many, many more landowners in our beautiful watershed will come forward and work with Emily to permanently protect their land through a conservation easement.

To the partners I've worked with, and to the Board of Directors, your expertise, support and dedication will always be remembered.

Thank you.
Jennifer Jones
Executive Director

Dustin Wichterman and daughter, Brooklynn, fishing. Photo by Josh Duplechain, Trout Unlimited

Trust Accomplishments

  • Largest local land trust in the state of West Virginia

  • 7th largest land trust in the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed

  • Over $6 Million dollars of conservation easements have been put into the hands of local landowners

  • 1st West Virginia Land Trust to be accredited by LTA (Land Trust Alliance)

  • 53 Conservation Easements

  • 14,000+ acres permanently protected

Rare Native Plants Found!

Grass Pinks Calapogon Orchid
Calapogn tuberosus

Kate's Mountain Clover
Trifolium virginicum

Welcome to our New
Executive Director!

Join us in welcoming Emily Warner as the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust's new Executive Director. Emily is succeeding Jennifer Jones, who is retiring. Emily grew up in the Cacapon watershed and most recently was the Senior Director of Land Conservation at the Potomac Conservancy.

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Protect What You Love!

We've been working with landowners for 30 years in the Cacapon watershed to protect the forests, rivers and farms they love through voluntary conservation easement. A conservation easement is a flexible tool that meets the needs of landowners and protects land forever. Working in partnership with landowners, the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust listens carefully and ensures the goals of landowners are supported and the conservation values of the land are protected. Conservation easements offer peace of mind and through donated easements, tax deduction benefits. For more information contact Emily at emily@cacapon.org.

A Place Worth Protecting!

For highlights on the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust's ambitious land protection goals to protect land, water and wildlife in the Cacapon watershed, see more info here. We welcome your support.

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Landowners, financial assistance is available to implement land management goals through Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) partners with the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust and Trout Unlimited to advance conservation efforts in the Cacapon watershed. Land currently in agricultural production, or non-industrial private forestland, is eligible for the financial assistance through the EQIP program.

Applications are accepted year-round. For more information, please contact your local NRCS office or Christi Hicks, District Conservationist / 304-276-5636 / Christi.Hicks@usda.gov

Our Work Inspires Us!

We assist landowners and communities in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Watershed with maintaining healthy rivers, protecting forests and farmland, and preserving rural heritage for the enjoyment and well being of present and future generations.

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Now is the perfect time to enjoy the more than 1,700 miles of streams and rivers in the Cacapon Watershed. Check out our waterproof map that gives details on the Cacapon Water Trail including public access points, good fishing holes and historic attractions. Enjoy!

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Every donation motivates us to continue the important work of permanently protecting land and conserving natural resources in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed. With your support, this area of West Virginia will continue to be a special place to live, work and visit.

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