Conservation Easement Stewardship

After the land trust and landowner sign a conservation easement, the land trust assumes the responsibility of easement stewardship. This means that we ensure the “rules” of your conservation easement are followed. We visit the property annually to confirm that activities and uses comply with the conservation easement.

If a use or activity doesn’t comply with the easement, we work with the landowner (and/or offending party) to resolve the issue. In the rare case of an egregious violation of the easement, the land trust has the legal authority and responsibility to take legal action to enforce the easement’s terms, thereby protecting the land’s conservation values and the donor’s wishes.

Land Stewardship

The land trust can also provide landowners with land stewardship assistance. This may include connecting landowners with farm enhancement funding programs, farm or forest expertise, invasive plant management assistance, or funding for tree plantings or habitat improvement.