Invest in the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Watershed

With your generous support, the Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust can permanently protect more land, wildlife, and water quality.

The Cacapon watershed has 1,700 miles of rivers & streams, 50 species of greatest conservation need, and some of the most productive farmland in West Virginia. It’s also still 85% percent forested! The Cacapon River is one of the most ecologically healthy tributaries to the Potomac River, providing drinking water for millions of people downstream.

Please help us protect what’s worth protecting! Thank you.


  • Donate Online

    Donate online through PayPal, a widely used, secure system. Click the Donate button, enter the amount, and choose how to pay. Your credit card information will be secured by PayPal and not visible to the Trust.


  • Donate by Check

    To donate by check, write your check out to Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Tr, Inc. and mail to the address below. Even better, complete and mail in the Membership Form with your donation.
    Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust
    P.O. Box 58, Wardensville WV 26851

    Membership Form

  • Donate Land and Other Assets

    You may donate land or other assets to the Trust for us to sell. Proceeds from such sales support the work of the Trust. Land donations have become popular and very helpful.

    To date, the Trust has received 8 land donations. If appropriate, the Trust will first protect a donated property with a conservation easement before selling it. Gifts of land or assets may also qualify the donor for a federal income tax deduction.

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  • Donate in Memory or Honor of Loved Ones

    Consider honoring or memorializing a loved one with a special gift. This can be done by check or online. Download a donation form to get started.

    Donation Form

  • Remember Us in Your Will

    One of the easiest ways to donate to the Trust is through your will. There are several ways.

    • Specific Bequest: Name the Trust as the beneficiary of a specific item, e.g., an amount of money, a parcel of land, a specific stock, or stated percentage of your estate.
    • Residuary Bequest: Designate the Trust as the recipient of all or a part of the remainder of your estate, after specific bequests have been fulfilled.
    • Contingent Bequest: Allow for a contingent beneficiary (the Trust) to receive your estate’s assets if your named individual beneficiaries do not survive you.

    Bequests to the Trust are deductible from your estate, offering your heirs estate tax savings.
    For gifts that are designated in your will, the Trust should be identified as:

    “Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Tr, Inc., a nonprofit organization organized under the laws of the State of West Virginia, having its principal address at P.O. Box 58, Wardensville, West Virginia 26851, EIN: 55-0700086.”

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  • Cacapon Legacy Fund

    Ensure a strong, secure future for the Trust with a donation to the Cacapon Legacy Fund.

    The Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment, carefully invested and guarded by the Board of Directors, to support the Trust’s everyday work forever.

    Cacapon Legacy Fund

  • AmazonSmile

    If you shop on Amazon, use this link to select us as your charity of choice. AmazonSmile will donate .05% of your purchase to Cacapon & Lost Rivers Land Trust.


  • Giving Assistant

    Sign up with Giving Assistant to give a percentage of your online purchases to the Trust.