Through your will or retirement plan, you may specify assets to leave to the Trust by creating a bequest. Your estate can take a charitable deduction for the full amount of your bequest to the Trust. Depending on your estate size, this can result in a substantial tax savings.

Retirement Plan Assets – Name the Trust as a beneficiary of an IRA (taxable account), 401(k), or other retirement plan. You can retain control of the assets during your lifetime, modify your plan at any time, and avoid significant tax burdens for your heirs, possibly providing estate tax savings. Your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to the Trust than to your heirs.

Life Insurance – Name the Trust as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, as owner of the policy, or assign the policy to the Trust. Such an arrangement may provide a significant tax savings.

Will, Revocable, or Living Trust – Name the Trust in your will or living trust. Such a gift will not affect your cash flow during your lifetime and may save your heirs significant inheritance tax debt. This is flexible, you may increase or decrease the amount at any time, and there is no IRS minimum amount for your gift to the Trust.

Planned Giving Information

Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land TR Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit corporation. The Trust’s mission is to assist landowners an communities (throughout the Cacapon and Lost River watershed) in maintaining healthy rivers, protecting forests and farmland, and in preserving rural heritage for the enjoyment and well-being of present and future generations. The Trust’s EIN is 55-0700086.